A nightmare at the airport turns into a dream come true for this man!

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A 42 year old truck driver Marvin Warner is a man who missed his flight after security searched him thoroughly at Toronto Pearson International Airport and he hasn’t even considered rebooking or claiming compensation.

With all the bad news recently, we are happy to bring you a touching story. Marvin Warner is a truck driver from Toronto and was on his way to see his mother for her 80th birthday in Montreal. It was meant to be a surprise for her as Marvin cannot really afford to fly around but they both got a bigger surprise, the day that changed Marvin’s life forever.

It was last week when Marvin was about to fly again for the second time in 20 years to surprise his mother for her birthday, he had no idea what was destined this day.

“I remember the whole day as if it just happened, it was a very back and forth day. I remember waking up really excited to see my mother because I hadn’t seen here in over 6 months and she doesn’t have anyone in Montreal apart from a couple of family friends. I was looking forward to spending a couple of weeks with her but then I was denied access to my flight… But then it happened.”

Marvin said he remembered going through security and after the full body scan they pulled him over to one side and started questioning him. Marvin was taken into a room after the security worker had apparently seen something ‘suspicious’ here he was held for 2 hours as they checked everything he had brought including searching his laptop and other personal belongings.

“It felt longer than two hours, I didn’t know what I had done wrong and they were treating me as if I was guilty. It was scary and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. It felt like they were dehumanizing me. After the two hours, they stopped and said it was all a mistake and all they said was that they were sorry.”

It was found the security worker who was on the computer during the scan was out late the night before, was falling asleep in the day and then he just saw the last of Marvin’s belongings and thought he saw ‘something’. The allegation is now being investigated by CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority).

After Marvin was let go from security he headed to his gate running because he heard the announcements of that his flight had been boarded. Upon arriving at the gate 5 minutes late, the airport staff did not let Marvin board the plane and said it was ‘his’ fault for not being able to show up at the boarding times. Obviously Marvin was distraught, he hadn’t done anything wrong and wasn’t allowed to board the plane.

From here Marvin went to the Starbucks in the airport to get a coffee and moan about his experience on the web. As he was browsing the web he came across an article about a gaming site offering 80 free spins. Well Marvin decided to do it because he really had nothing to lose at this point. Then it happened… On his 5th spin Marvin won the mega jackpot of $782,349!

“At first I didn’t believe it, I was just staring at my phone. Then I realised, I dropped my coffee beneath me and everyone stared. I still can’t believe it happened to me. I am the kind of guy to never enter anything because I know that I am not going to win but this time I did! I still didn’t really believe it but then some hours later the money was deposited into my bank account!”

After Marvin had won he decided not to try and get any compensation after the way he had been treated at the airport or any for the missed flight. Instead Marvin flew himself and his mother out to New York, a place she has always wanted to go but never been able to afford. We asked Marvin what he will do after he returns from New York.

“After I return, I will quit my job as a truck driver. I will also move to Montreal and look after my mother thanks to Zodiac Casino. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.”

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Charlotte Burns

Security always give me dodgy looks and check me down in airports! Now I'm going to try those 80 free spins a go! Hopefully I win! :)

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Michelle Gillen

He deserves it! All because of some typical lazy worker who cannot be bothered to do his job properly!!
Comment • 6 • Like13 minutes ago

Ben Theisen

After being falsely accused, I can say this is well derserved! I felt sorry for him at the start. No one should be falsely accused of anything!
Comment • 19 • Like46 minutes ago

Sofia Sanders

His whole winning money story makes me want to give this a shot.

Who knows, maybe i’ll win and leave my husband finally LOL. jk jk. Anyone else tried this?

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Emily Green

@Noah Jus to let you know, this isn't bullshit. I do the exact same thing. I clear roughly $1k a week. I'm 31 and in a few months I will be headed to pay off my auto loan in a big lump sum. 
If you're a hater, keep hating. But if you're a dreamer who knows anything is possible with the right attitude.. this is for you.

Comment • 53 • Like1 hour ago

Noah Billups

Obviously bollocks. How many sign-up offers are out there? Completely fake story, and given the subject matter it's highly irresponsible to publish.

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Bert Smith

My brother works in the online gambling industry and Zodia Casino is notoriously known for having some of the the “loosest" slots in the industry. I’ve tripled my $$ on “Mermaids Treasure”, "Sherwood Surprise” and “Crack the Safe”. Truth

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Anna Waterman

I’m a huge online gambler and the rumors are, Zodiac Casino is trying to become the biggest online casinos in Australia. That’s why they're offering free plays left and right AND they have some of the easiest games. So players win often and spread the word. Take advantage of this while you still can guys!

Comment • 12 • Like2 hours ago

Maria Groening

Ah yes I heard of these guys before. they’re legit and it’s easy to win if you play the smaller jackpots. I remember winning like $300 with the free credits they gave me

Comment • 30 • Like2 hours ago

Katie Smith

@Jack Drinking and smoking ruins lives as well! And almost EVERYONE in the country does one it!
Comment • 53 • Like2 hours ago

Jack Bruin

Gambling ruins lives you stupid fucks!! Don't glamourise it when 99% of people who do it on this level will steal and destroy their friends and family's lives.

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