Couple forced to release their 'son' into the wild until they find an incredible way to keep him...

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” A married couple almost had their ‘son’ taken off them in the most dramatic fashion until a miracle saved them!

Scott and Susan Reid are two normal middle aged people apart from they have a spectacular story behind them. Started their own zoo at only the age of 29 they have certainly came a long way. Unfortunately due to certain financial situations they had to forfeit their zoo for their own welfare. They would have been in depressing debt if they had tried to keep the zoo open through loans.

Selling the zoo was tough for the Reid’s, they had to find a new home for the animals that they had exhibited, with help from the authorities they were able to get rid of most of the animals to different zoos across New Zealand and Australia. There was one exception though, they couldn’t find a home for one 3 month old cub named Basil. Basil had only been at the zoo for a few weeks and was still in need of nurturing and constant attention.

The authorities said that they will have to get rid of the bear or get a dangerous animal license with an appropriate exhibit, so that is what they did. They had to have a professional team build it and it cost a lot of money to meet the regulations. It also costs a lot money to keep Basil the Bear good and running. He goes through a whopping 25KG of fish and vegetables every single day!

They received some devastating news not long ago, they got told that Basil would be taken off of them if they couldn’t provide a new modern exhibit that met new regulations set by the authorities. Having not much money saved up, the Reid’s didn’t really know what do. They were thinking about selling the whole farm and buying a little bit of land for themselves and Basil. But then Susan came across something that changed their lives forever…

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“I couldn’t believe what just happened, all my lifes problems were fixed within a click of a button on my phone. I didn’t really know what happened until the money was deposited into my bank account, that is when I really realised that my life was about to change, I could save my son!”

Soon as the money hit the bank account, Susan ordered for a new exhibit to be installed at the family home immediately. Authorities were going to find a new country for Basil to live in because they didn’t think the family were going to be able to get the money in time for a brand new enclosure. The enclosure has been since complete and they are living happily together again.

“I have to thank Zodiac Casino more than anyone, they gave me this opportunity to save my son, I don’t know what I would have done without winning the ‘Mega Moolah Jackpot’. I would had to move to a different country to keep him. There was no way we were all splitting up.”

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Charlotte Burns

Wow that is crazy!!!! A pet bear?!?!?! Now I'm going to try those 80 free spins on this site. Hopefully I win! :)

Comment • 13 • Like12 minutes ago

Michelle Gillen

They deserve it, they look like decent people who have gave a good life to that animal
Comment • 6 • Like13 minutes ago

Ben Theisen

Bless em looking after him since 3 months and almost taking off of them, must of been truly devastating...
Comment • 19 • Like46 minutes ago

Sofia Sanders

His whole winning money story makes me want to give this a shot.

Who knows, maybe i’ll win and leave my husband finally LOL. jk jk. Anyone else tried this?

CommentLike49 minutes ago

Emily Green

@Noah Jus to let you know, this isn't bullshit. I do the exact same thing. I clear roughly $1k a week. I'm 31 and in a few months I will be headed to pay off my auto loan in a big lump sum. 
If you're a hater, keep hating. But if you're a dreamer who knows anything is possible with the right attitude.. this is for you.

Comment • 53 • Like1 hour ago

Noah Billups

Obviously bollocks. How many sign-up offers are out there? Completely fake story, and given the subject matter it's highly irresponsible to publish.

Comment • 3 • Like1 hour ago

Bert Smith

My brother works in the online gambling industry and Zodiac Casino is notoriously known for having some of the the “loosest" slots in the industry. I’ve tripled my $$ on “Mermaids Treasure”, "Sherwood Surprise” and “Crack the Safe”. Truth

Comment • • Like2 hours ago

Anna Waterman

I’m a huge online gambler and the rumors are, Zodiac Casino is trying to become the biggest online casinos in New Zealand. That’s why they're offering free plays left and right AND they have some of the easiest games. So players win often and spread the word. Take advantage of this while you still can guys!

Comment • 12 • Like2 hours ago

Maria Groening

Ah yes I heard of these guys before. they’re legit and it’s easy to win if you play the smaller jackpots. I remember winning like $300 with the free credits they gave me

Comment • 30 • Like2 hours ago

Katie Smith

@Jack Drinking and smoking ruins lives as well! And almost EVERYONE in the country does one it!
Comment • 53 • Like2 hours ago

Jack Bruin

Gambling ruins lives you stupid fucks!! Don't glamourise it when 99% of people who do it on this level will steal and destroy their friends and family's lives.

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